Dating, Courtship, Marriage, Biblical Manhood, Womanhood

1. Dating, courtship and marriage: 

2. Biblical Manhood part 1: “What a biblical man is not”

3. Biblical Manhood part 2: “Are you ready for a relationship?”

4. Biblical Manhood part 3: “A young’s man attitude towards women”

5. Recovering Biblical Womanhood:


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Biblical Courtship

1. Introduction: 

2. The parent’s responsibility at home:  

3. The child’s responsibility to the parent:

4. The when of Biblical Courtship:

5. God’s purpose for marriage:

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How Do You Know When Someone Is Repentant?: 12 Signs

Thought this was great:

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Preventing online infidelity USAToday

“A husband and wife should be so transparent that any effort on the part of one to look at what the other is doing should never be considered off limits,”

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Porn U Protecting Purity at College

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Family – McKoy

Love this track from 1991 about family, fatherhood, cheating, repentance, forgiveness…

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How Christians should think and respond to events in the UK

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